Practice Areas


Customer Lifecycle Management

Purpose-driven modeling to identify and optimize your interaction with customers from acquisition to win-back.

Promotional Optimization

Data driven solutions for when to contact your customer with which offer in order to maximize your goals. Direct mail to email, circulars to online – we will create an actionable solution.

Voice of the Customer Insights

Utilizing cutting edge natural language processing algorithms, topic modeling will give you insights into what your customers are saying and empower a customer-centric approach to retail.

Market Planning

Market Planning is foundational to customer acquisition, competitive responsiveness, and long term growth. Site sales estimation allows for responsive location assessments and market planning creates a proactive strategic opportunity to optimize your growth.

Price Optimization

Combining price elasticity calculations with product or category costs allows for profit optimization solutions. Building in substitutes and complements along with competitor behavior yields a strategic plan.

Contact Optimization

Prioritize outbound calls, assign and set targets for sales teams, and rank prospects.  Maximize your profits via data driven strategic analytics.  We have direct experience across loan providers, charitable organization, retail, and insurance.

Marketing Mix Optimization

Quantify the ROI associated with each of your company’s marketing campaigns. Optimization provides a budget roadmap to enhance your visibility. Combine the model with the internal knowledge of your team for goal driven results.


Assortment Planning / SKU Rationalization

Have us apply advanced data mining techniques to optimize which products you should sell in each location, and in what location those products should be located in the store.


Segmentation for the case of segmentation will always result in failure. Applying segmentation with a specific purpose in mind creates value.

Representative Clients

Retail Scientifics works with a broad array of globally recognized companies.  Clients include one of the largest worldwide quick-service restaurants, an internationally recognized sporting goods brand, and many more. Examples are shown below:






Boot Barn


SQ logo













Leadership Team

Our leadership team brings contemporary modeling expertise along with hands-on experience.


Shawn Hanna link
Managing Partner

Shawn has brought his analytical skills to a truly unique depth and breadth of projects: from pricing to real estate site selection, customer segmentation to P&L analysis.  He has built analytical teams that support almost every area within the retail enterprise, achieving consistent and measurable goals.  In addition, his graduate degree in Economics with a specialization in mathematical applications has allowed him to both take a leadership role and also remain intimately hands-on.

Jonathan Wilson, PhD link
Partner, Chief Data Scientist 

Jonathan is an expert in the application of computational machine learning to business challenges. Combining technical expertise and the ability to focus on actionable deliverables, Jonathan’s work exemplifies the power of contemporary retail data science.  His ability to stay abreast of cutting edge techniques, while ensuring the team is focused on achieving client goals, enables him to strike a balance rarely found in the analytical world.

Suchitra Jagdish link
Principal Data Scientist

Suchitra is a data and analytics wizard. She empowers our team to perform rapid exploratory work and automate client deliverables. Her technical skills allow us to capitalize on the rapidly evolving tools and systems in the data science ecosphere.  This expertise, in conjunction with her graduate degree in applied mathematics, makes her an analytical powerhouse.


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